The First Fifteen

Season one = 15 episodes and 2,400+ downloads

The “Bad” Behavior Podcast was launched in 2018 by three friends from around the world, armed with a dream of what we wanted to accomplish, a LOT to say, and a even more to learn.

Though we have decided to go in a new direction with the show, we are incredibly proud of our #firstfifteen episodes and you can find them all down below!

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Episode 15 | Comedian Aurelia St Clair


This week we talked to the irascible and inspiring comedian Aurelia St Clair

Episode 14 | Climate for Change with Katerina Gaita


This week we met with Katerina Gaita from Climate for Change about her entrepreneurship and keeping positive in the face of Climate Change. 

Episode 13 | Feminist Erotic Filmmaker and Craft Lover Anna Brownfield


This week we chatted to Anna Brownfield from Poison Apple Productions about erotic film making and ethical pornography. 

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Episode 12 | Melbourne Period Project with Nevena Spirovska


This week we had a chat to Nevena Spirovska from the Melbourne Period Project

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Episode 11 | Youtubers


This week we discovered incredible YouTubers Grace F Victory and Ari Fitz

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Episode 10 | Engineers


This week we discuss Ailie MacAdams who has worked on some of the biggest engineer projects in the world and Yassmin Abdel-Magied Electrical engineer, author and activist.

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Episode 9 | Food


This week we discovered Jack Monroe from Cooking on a Bootstrap and Daniella Soto-Innes

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Episode 8 | Burlesque


This week we discuss burlesque; Sukki Singapora who went from her 9 to 5 IT job to full-time burlesques artist and women’s rights activist. Sisters Kim ‘Busty Beatz’ Bowers and Candy Bowers co-creators of the burlesque and variety show Hot Brown Honeys.

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Episode 7 | Architecture


This week we discuss Lori Brown founder of ArchiteXX andher feminist perspective on politised spaces, and Dr Julia King and her Potty Project.

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Episode 6 | Children’s Literature


This week we discuss the incredible 12 year old sensation Marley Dias who launched #1000blackgirl books and authors Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo of Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. 

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Episode 5 | Comedians


This week we discovered Maysoon Zayid (check out her TED talk I’ve got 99 problems… palsy is just one) and Comedian Zoe Coombs Barr.

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Episode 4 | Video Games


This week we learnt about #Gamergate and Doxxing while chatting about Anita Sarkeesian from Feminist Frequency and game developer Zoe Quinn

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Episode 3 | Tattoos


This week we discovered author Margot Mifflin‘s history of tattoos Bodies of Subversion and South Korean tattoo artist Kim Kyung Eun, who practices her craft despite it being illegal. 

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Episode 2 | Homelessness


This week we discussed Dana Marlowe from incredible charity I Support the Girls and activist Daniella Carter

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Episode 1 | Explorers


This week we discussed incredible explorers Belinda Kirk and Cecilie Skog

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