Meet the Team

Rosalind  |  Nikila Namcheja | Bonnie

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Co-host: Nikila Cranage

Nikila is building her goddamn empire. She is a poet and writer, passionate about theatre for social change and currently working for a feminist non-profit. She’s lived in countries across Asia and the Middle East and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Gender Studies and International Development.



Instagram: @nikilalouisepoetry

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Co-host: Rosalind

Rosalind is a singer/songwriter who creates deeply personal rock music, influenced by her roots in Portuguese fado and American folk music. Rosalind released her debut, self-titled EP in September. Through her EP, Rosalind “introduces herself as a talented, emotionally-aware and captivating storyteller in just four standout tracks” (Forte Magazine). 

Rosalind wrote and performed A Dreamer’s Guide to Reality, a rock cabaret in the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019. It received 4/5 stars from Beat Magazine as Rosalind’s “stunning songwriting” and “affinity for self expression is amplified by the tight knit nature of her and her band”

Rosalind holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Philosophy of Science. 

Listen to her music here






Editor: Namcheja Maghembe

Namcheja, based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is a media professional who has worked in public radio stations in South Africa and Australia. Namcheja has lived in Malawi, Kenya, South Africa and Australia, and is passionate about world politics and exploring women’s experiences from around the globe. Namcheja holds a Masters in Journalism and Public Relations.


To contact Namcheja, please email with ATTN: Namcheja in the subject line. 


Designer: Bonnie Eichelberger

Bonnie Eichelberger is an illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work celebrates expressions of individuality across all genders, cultures and movements. Through simple line work and a minimal colour palette, she captures the surreal qualities in a character or subject. She has worked with a variety of clients around the world on commercial branding, editorial and app illustrations.



Instagram: @bonnieeeichelberger