Where’s BBP?

Season one = 15 episodes and 2,400+ downloads

Hey there, 

As you know, last year we decided to take a short hiatus in order to reflect on what we have learned so far and come back bigger and better than ever. 

It has taken longer than we thought, as we realised that we needed some time to plan. We had a winning formula already, but there were some missing pieces;

  • Firstly, we realised that as inter-sectional feminists we needed to change the explicit rating on our show. There are many countries that ban any explicit content outright, and would be against BBP’s ethos to exclude listeners because of the country they live in. 
  • Secondly, the last few episodes of our #firstfifteen were interviews and we loved meeting these incredible women/non-binary guests in person.
  • Thirdly, though we loved what we were discovering, we felt that the show would be a more useful resource if we focused on themes in our interview, and investigated questions that we ourselves would love answers to. 

So, moving forward we will be producing a non-explicit, interview based and more thematic show. “Bad” Behavior will be re-launched in mid-2019. We are recording RIGHT NOW, and in a few short weeks we’ll be in your ears once again. Can. Not. Wait. 

We are so proud of what we accomplished in the first iteration of our show (you can see the old episodes here). We learnt so much throughout our first season, and met some incredible people along the way. Thank you so much for your continued support! We love you guys <3

Love from Rosalind, Nikila and Namcheja.

TL:DR – We’ll be back VERY soon

Sunday 7th of July, 2019.